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66 pages, black and white diagrams, published in 1998, Luxor Press

This edition has a new introduction by Frater Achad and is edited and annotated by T. Allen Greenfield from Frater Achad's Original typescript. For years Leber 31, the "key to Liber AL ver Legis", has been a legend in the occult community. Several small editions have appeared, but almost nothing has been done to place this extremely important early work of Frater Achad, Charles Stansfeld Jones, in perspective. Veteran occult historian T. Allen Greenfield has carefully transcribed Achad's original typescript of Liber 31, and annotated this special edition with a view towards rendering the work lucid and in proper perspective for the modern reader. Over 50 years ago, at the end of his life, Achad wrote extensively about the purpose, content and meaning of Liber 31 in his letters to private correspondents. From this material Greefield has extracted a number of Achad's most important notes in what amounts to a new, never before published introduction by the original author. The text is illuminated by illustrations taken from Achad's work. First Edition, published 1998 by Luxor Press, 66 pages "An excellent edition, extensively annotated. Great for beginning and experienced Qabalists alike; a must for the serious student of Thelema." -- Shawn C. Knight.

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