Inner Journeys

Related Books of Interest

All the Kingís Falcons: Rumi on Prophets and Revelation by John Renard. 1994, paper, 236pp., $18.95, State Univ. of N.Y. Press, ISBN: 0-7914-2222-4, ISBN: 0-7914-2222-4.

I Am Wind, You Are Fire: The Life and Work of Rumi by Annemarie Schimmel. 1996, paper, $14.00, Shambhala, ISBN: 0-57062-246-9.

Nightingales Under the Snow: Poems by Annemarie Schimmel. 1994, paper, 118 pp., $8.95, Khaniqahi Nimatullahi Publications, ISBN: 0-933546-54-8. A very strong collection of verse inspired by Rumi and other Middle-Eastern literature, as well as vivid moments of the translatorís travels in India and Pakistan.

The Sufi Path of Love: The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi by William Chittick. 1984, paper, 433 pp., $16.95, State Univ. of N.Y. Press, ISBN:0-87395-724-5.

The Triumphal Sun: A Study of the Works of Jalaloddin Rumi by Annemarie Schimmel. 1993, paper, 513 pp., $19.95, State Univ. of N.Y. Press, ISBN: 0-7914-1636-4.

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