Inner Journeys

EDITORIAL Volume VI, #3/4 – Winter/Spring 1996-97

Greetings from the great wild west and from the wild world of independent publishing! We’ve gotten this double issue to press after almost a year of preparation—perhaps appropriately during National Poetry Month, April, 1997. Our feature section is Rumi Translations, and there are also reviews of contemporary poetry anthologies, a few specialty poetry collections and studies, and a great publisher checklist contributed by Steve Dickison from Small Press Distribution. Our In Memoriam cover articles date back almost a year, and I would have liked to give the same attention to John Gill (1924-1995), wonderful poet and co-founder with Elaine Gill of The Crossing Press, and now to the most prominent of the beat poets, Allen Ginsberg. Not to mention newer news such as Robert Pinsky’s appointment as Poet Laureate and Gary Snyder’s (Ginsberg colleague and our neighbor in the Sierra Mountain foothills) , winning of the Bollingen Foundation award for his Mountains and Rivers Without End (Counterpoint, Washington, DC), the poet’s book-length poem sequence worked on for forty years! Fortunately, our web pages are coming on line, and we will post MORE views and reviews there than can fit into our printed issues.

Gateways Books and Inner Journeys both participated in the New Age Metaphysical Expo last June in Denver, and we recommend it heartily for booksellers, June 28-30, 1997, at the Denver Merchandise Mart. For info on attending , call the sponsors at New Editions International at (520) 282-9574. Two authors reviewed in this issue—Lillian Yeshe and Laurellynn Martin—brought their books to us at the Expo. Other exhibitors there whose books we probably will review in future include Ozark Mountain Publishers, Buddhist Text Translation Society, Gateway Books (of U.K.), and Ivory Moon Recordings, who gave us several notable albums from their list. We did moderate trade sales at the Expo, but it was its first year, with the sky as the limit for potential attendance. I spoke to at least one dealer in crystals and specialty jewelry who made sales worth thousands of dollars; needless to say, he was pleased with his show.

We are attending the BookExpo in Chicago once again, with a Small Press Section booth. Many independent publishers were disappointed in 1996 with the location of the Small Press section, in the back of the far building. Since BookExpo America—under new management by Reed rather than American Booksellers Association—is all in one mammoth (or whale-ish) hall this year, we expect to see many more book buyers, publicists, and trade visitors. The fear I heard voiced most often last year was that “the ABA will become something other than a booksellers’ and buyers’ show.” A three-ring commercial circus, perhaps, for showcasing major publishers and multi-media releases? If it becomes more of a rights fair like Frankfurt, that might serve us publishers well, even if a distraction to booksellers. We’re taking a wait-and-see attitude toward Reed and “BEA,” but our and your association is very positive about the new collaborative arrangement. We’re also previewing at the Expo a specialty supplement to Inner Journeys—The Great Adventure, to focus on Death & Dying books, authors, and resources. Hope to see you there—or hear back from you via e-mail, letter, or phone your response to Inner Journeys.—Iven Lourie, Editor, e-mail address:

INNER JOURNEYS STAFF & INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS EDITOR: Iven Lourie, Practicing Poet & Gateways Distribution Manager .. Contributing Editor & Graphic Designer: Douglas Cracraft, Chief Archivist, Douglass-Truth Institute Book Reviewers This Issue: Della Heywood, artist; Janna Hart, science fiction writer; Anderson Smith, building contractor and computer whiz; Jnanes Fritz, Gateways Sales Representative; Kelly Rivera, painter & perfumer; Dr. Keith Whitten, psychiatrist & art magazine publisher; The Homeopathy Circle including Patricia Elizabeth, Della Heywood, Lee Perry, Glenn Perry . Foreign Correspondents: United Kingdom: Donald Suckling, Bookseller and Journalist; Oslo, Norway: Per Heiberg, Heidelberg Editions Oslo; Berlin, Germany: Matthias Schossig, Translator and Rights Agent; Paris, France and Ontario, Canada: Brigitte Donvez, Gateways Foreign Rights, Editions Le Chaos; Puerta Vallarta, Mexico: Miguel Sosa de Cravioto, Psychologist & Publisher; Sao Paulo, Brazil: Dr. Carlos Godo, Physician & Renaissance Man; Roving Correspondent: Oz Fritz, Recording Engineer and writer; Pisa, Italy: Fabio Pellegrini, Teacher and Translator

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