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About Gateways:
Who we are, how to reach us, what we do and why we do it.

Gateways Books List:
Our classics and our bestsellers by authors like E.J. Gold, Dr. Claudio Naranjo, Robert de Ropp, Dr. John Lilly and others. Also includes a listing of foreign language editions.

Archive Talk Tapes:
A treasure trove of audiotapes on subjects ranging from Alchemy to Work Traditions. Check here often as our listings expand!

Best Kept Secrets of Gateways Books and Tapes:
Private publications, limited editions, rare videotapes and more for the serious seeker.

Ordering information:
The ins and outs for both individuals and bookstores. Also, information on foreign rights.

The World's Smallest Bookstore:
Staff and friends review books highly recommended to you, the reader, even if Gateways doesn't publish them!

Inner Journeys Independent Press Book Review:
A feisty print quarterly for bookstores, book publishers and booklovers everywhere, reviewing the best of independent science fiction, metaphysics, poetry and more!

Gateways Daily News:
A lively online look at what's new with Gateways Books and Tapes, our authors and friends and the world at large.

Canteen Newsletter:
An on and offline report on the activities of Gateways Books and Tapes, H.E.I. and other projects of I.D.H.H.B.

Look here for information pertinent to wholesale accounts. Gateways distributes books direct to customers, direct to bookstores and other resalers, and direct to distributors. If you fall into the latter two categories check out these pages for information about Gateways wholesales accounts.


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