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Princess Di Sightings

Yes, Princess Di has been sighted. I don't consider this page frivolous or in bad taste. Her sightings are being held in respect. From time to time a sighting may be posted that is suspicious. Some submissions are obvious trash and end up on the cyber cutting room floor. Other postings are not so easy to filter. Rather than trample a heartfelt submission I may error on the side compassion by giving the poster the benefit of the doubt. If I include some sightings that you have a problem with, get over it.

As my friend Dead Jimi (no resemblance to the incredible guitar player of the 60s) is apt to say: "I'm dead and you're not -- so get a life."

As you may deduce from some of these contributions, Dead Elvis is not making up fake stuff. Yes, it is true that some contributions don't make it into this column -- even a dead guy has standards. Otherwise most contributions are posted as time permits -- yes even a dead guy has competing priorities.

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Sightings Received Thursday July 30, 1998

Jabba's Place
Name: M. Wookie
When: A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away
Circumstance: I was standing there trying to get my buddy free, he was frozen in this carbon stuff. When I see this new palace love slave and I knew it was Diana....they put Dodi in the Pit and the Beast atie him. Too bad. Diana was lookin good though.

Sightings Received Friday July 24, 1998

Fifth Avenue, New York City, USA
Name: Joseph P. Barnes
When: 12 October 1997 at around 10:00 a.m. e.s.t.
Circumstance: I hardly know where to begin. one minute she wasn't there, and the next minute she was. she was glowing, and had some sort of halo around her face. her gown seemed almost transparent, and i could swear she had wings. i can't think of any other details except her hat. It was a pillbox. Like the kind Jackie O. used to wear until she disappeared a few.

Possum Junction, Arkansas
Name: Mirage
When: 2am, July 17, 1998
Circumstance: After a long day of pickin' cotton, I went to tha park to unwind. After mah third case of beer, I began to have what could only be described as a `dizzying sensation'. When I woke up, mah clothes were on the ground. It wuz then that ah realized ah wuz havin' and Out-Of-Clothes-Experience. Ah walked around the park. It wuz almost as if people could see me. I saw Princess Diana waitin' in life for the public toilet. Then a man with a batch came and shinned a wunnerful light on me and ah wuz transported to another place in time. When ah woke up, ah wuz back in my clothes! It's an experience ah'll never fergit. Ah hope...

Name: ms. elspeth abernathy
When: October 4th or 5th, 1997
Circumstance: I was just thinking about whether to take the Princess Di bus tour with my friends Kelly and Lily who travel with me all the time. Last year, we went to Hong Kong, but this year we wanted to walk the Last Mile with Princess Di. Well, to make a long story short, we saw what we think may have been Princess Di, alive and walking around, right on the grounds of the Spencer family estate. Could it have been a relative?

East Hamptons
Name: Margaret Whitehead
When: Saturday, 10th of October
(1997) 11 in the morning
Circumstance: I thought I was going mad. I looked up from my luncheon. We were having those little sandwiches cut in fours with the crust removed, you know, and salad. My salad was sort of wilted--get a good salad these days--and I looked around for the waitress, but instead found myself staring straight up into the eyes of--Princess Di! She was glowing and she seemed to smile right through me.

Bridgeport, Connecticut
Name: M.M.T.
When: Saturday, October 10, 1997 0600 hours EST
Circumstance: I am a registered military observer. I pride myself on my ability to remember a face, walk and mannerisms. I have studied and mastered the Bertillon Method and know every Bertillon Specification for Princess Di. I can tell you now that something really weird is going on, because that was Princess Di. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was she, and I'd back that to my last dollar.

Paris, France
Name: R. S. Dupre
When: October 10, 1997
Circumstance: Comme il etait notre habitude, mes amis et moi marchions sur le boulevard Montparnasse quand nous avons eu la plus grande surprise de notre vie:"Mon Dieu! C'est la Princesse Diane!", s'exclama l'un de mes com pagnons, Henri. Francois s'exclama a son tour: "Mais on l'a enterree il y a deja quelques semaines!" Vous pouvez imaginer notre bouleversement a surprendre la Princesse Diane apparaitre en plei.....

New York
Name: ms. Edna Purvis MacLeod
When: morning shopping
Circumstance: My friends were the first to see Princess Di. she was covered with a kind of light all around her and she was smiling down at some mancloser to her than we were, then she was gone. I didn't find out the names of other witnesses, because I thought I had gone crazy, but then when I saw your Princess Di sightings page, I knew I wasn't, or at least I wasn't the only one. Thank you so much for being there.

New York
Name: Mexwell Nolo Bronston When: early morning hours Circumstance: I was walking on 5th Ave. on the West side of the street going uptown, just past the big church. I looked up and there was Princess Di. She was real bright, like she had a halo or something. I wasn't the only one on the street. Others must have seen it too. She seemed to be working her mouth like she was trying to say something, but I didn't get it. Maybe about landmines or her kids.

Sightings Received Friday July 17, 1998

Burger King
Name: Merluver
When: 5/3/98
Circumstance: She was there, putting the brugers through the oven. I swear! It was her. What a burger it was too!

Sightings Received Friday July 10, 1998

my tv
Name: RotenCorps
When: the other day
Circumstance: I saw Princess Di on the TV. It may have been a taped interview from an earlier date, but then maybe it wasn't. It's not like they said, "This interview was taped well before she died". I think they probably would have done this if it were.

Benzimra's Alley
Name: Melvin Squirrel
When: Yesterday
Circumstance: Classified information.

Sightings Received Friday July 3, 1998

Local Cafe
Name: Cathy F.
When: Last Tuesday
Circumstance: Since my late husband passed away I've fallen into the habit of eating lunch alone at the restaurant where we first met. Silly but I find it comforting to be in the familiar surroundings. I'm so afraid that I'll forget what it was like to be with him. Usually I sit in the back near the kitchen where the singles are relegated. This last Tuesday the city was working on the street in front of the Cafe disrupting traffic. The place was almost empty. This meant I could sit in the window booth where we I and my husband first ate. Halfway through the meal I felt a strange tingling. At first I thought it was my Harry. I was so excited. But when I looked in the window I could very clearly see the reflection of Diana sitting across from me in the booth. I couldn't see her if I looked directly, but she was very clearly there in the reflection. Don't think me silly for reporting this. She seemed so sad sitting there all alone. I hope everything is alright.

Sightings Received Wednesday March 4, 1998

Paris in a traffic jam
Name: F. Huiskamp
When: 6-6-97
Circumstance: We where driving in a white Fiat when we were hit in the back by a fast driving mercedes. We didn't stop as these mudder-frogging iceholes crashed our beautiful car. We stepped out of the car and made a huge amount of pictures, now published in papers like Viva, Prive and other dutch magazines! 

Sightings Received Saturday February 14, 1998

J.C. Missouri
Name: Melissa
When: February 14... Valentines Day!!!!!
Circumstance: I think that it is really mean that you are talking about a living legend like Princess Di like that. It is rude to her. Her spirit will never be the same if she finds out that you are sending out fake stuff like this.It's insulting to know that you could make up stuff and even put it out into plain sight about a living legend like that. Do you know that people probably put things in like that just to be funny or to play a prank? If only she were alive and would read this. She would be devestated and so am I. She is a very sad and loving memory in some people's hearts. I just want to let you know that a living/non living angel like her is not someone you should use as a fiction character. Thank you and get a life. Buddy!!

Sightings Received Friday February 13, 1998

Name: Owen
When: Never
Circumstance: I think this is a disgusting subject. You are all sick!!! Have some respect for the dead.

Sightings Received Tuesday February 10, 1998

Name: Diana Spencer
When: 1997
Circumstance: Driving Accident

Sightings Received Monday November 24, 1997

Gatlingburg, TN
Name? Dave Stokes
When? Yesterday Afternoon...NOV,22
Circumstance? While taking a shower -- a monthly thing for me -- the soap I was using started to change shape. First it looked like elvis, then, Richard Nixon, then suddenly it turned into a tortilla with the image of Princess Di. I would have sent you a photo of the tortilla but my little sister can't read. What does the literacy of my sibling have to do with a miraculous manifestation of the image of Princess Di in a food product. Well, you see, while I was out trying to find the phone number for The Vatican & The Ginuess Book of World Records (not necessarily in that order) I put a sign on the table saying please don't eat.

Sightings Received Sunday November 16, 1997

Name? Hendrik en annet van der geugten When? 16 november 1997
Circumstance? We never forget diana

Sightings Received Friday October 31, 1997

'The" Tunnel
Name? P. Razzi
When? About one hour after.
Circumstance? hey, why insult the princess when she can't defend herself? at the moment she finds herself diagonally parked in a parallel universe through no fault of her own except for being the slightest bit electroenc epholographically challenged. by the way, according to one of the photographers i spoke to, her last words were "been there, done that, can't remember most of it."

Sightings Received Thursday October 23, 1997

SCheveningen, Holland
Name? Mathilde Schlotterbeeckx
When? September, 23rd, 1976

Circumstance? I always have these sightings of beautiful glistening bodies above my head in the morning. They dont go away when i touch them. Only then, like after three seconds or so, they fade away. First I thought it was the immaculate Virgin.

But now, I am almost sure. It must be Diana.

Sightings Received Saturday October 11, 1997

Los Angeles, Ca.
Who? Carrie Arlington
When? Saturday morning, October 10, 1997 about daybreak or a little after.

Circumstance? Everyone I called told me sure, its California, so you guys are nuts, but its not true I really saw her and so did thousands or at least hundreds of others who were shopping there too at Robinson's Beverly Hills. She was at the silk sale counter. Listen, its none of my business.

Comments? I'm not suprised to see her after all she's a princess she can buy anything she wants.

Who? Penelope
When? Saturday 10 October 1997 approximately noon-ish

Circumstance? I really can't say, but we saw her standing quite nearby. She had on what I took to be a Givenchy unisuit--obviously done the bikini wax again this season--and a pave bracelet. Comments? I don't recall her hair being quite this blonde.

Who? Larry Talbot
When? Saturday October 10th, 1997 at about 10 a.m. GMT

Circumstance? I'd had a bit at Tramp's, when in the blink of a hare's eyelid, there she was. Sure, I admit I had a drink or two, but I've never hallucinated on a couple of Harvey Wallbangers before. By God, she's alive and well. comments=I do wonder what she was doing in an all-male pub. Or am I terribly out of date?

Sightings Received Friday October 10, 1997

Charleston, South Carolina
B.T. Stoneworth
October 5, 1997 at around dusk.

Okay, I was in my garage, I had just come home and the automatic thingy was broken again so I started to reach up to close it and you know what happened, those hinges caught my skin and I let out a yell and my eyes watered. when they cleared there was Princess Di in a radient flowing gown and sparkly shoes, she smiled and said "dont worry, peace will come and all mankind will rid the eart...

Bronx, New York City, N.Y.
Who? Myra Rabinowitz
When? Friday night October 10, 1997

Circumstance: My husband myron and I were walking south on Broadway on the west side of the street; we were just passing the Tiptoe Inn or the Ansonia Hotel when we spotted her. I knew in a flash it was Princess Di. I must have seen every photo ever taken of her. How can she still be alive? what's going on?

Comments: My husband myron says I'm out of my mind for writing you, but I think we should know th...

Sightings Received Thursday October 9, 1997

Where? Never Mind Where
Who? Fernando Lamas
9 October 1997 Early Morning

Circumstance? Forget the circumstances...

Comments? Why don't you leave us retired celebrities alone?

Sightings Received Wednesday October 8, 1997

Evanston, Ill.
Who? Ethel Blaise O'Hallihan
When? Wednesday morning October 8, 1997

Circumstance: My God, I can't believe I'm writing one of these "sightings" reports. I always thought sightings were hallucinations or hoaxes, but now I'm definitely a believer. I was heading for my place of employment, leaving the parking lot across the street, checking for fast traffic (everybody jaywalks there; it's too long a walk to the corner and there's nothing you can do with a tow!! Nobody else looks like her. Nobody in the world looks exactly like Princess Di, and that was her on the street.

Comments: What I want to know is this; would I be out of line taking one lousy snapshot of her for the kids?


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